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wholesale :: Screen legend Debbie cheap swimming suits
Screen legend Debbie cheap swimming suits
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تاريخ : 1396/12/09
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 Reynolds 'to be buried in her favorite red dress suit' in joint funeral with her daughter Carrie Fisher

Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds may be laid to rest in one of her favorite red dress suits, as son Todd Fisher was pictured with it while planning a joint funeral for her and his sister Carrie Fisher.

Still in shock over the unexpected deaths of his sister and mother, Todd was spotted visiting Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles on Thursday, as it was his first public outing since his mother's death on Tuesday. 

The mother and daughter died cheap swimming suits within less than 24 hours of each other. The 60-year-old Star Wars icon passed away four days after suffering a heart attack while on board a transatlantic flight from London to Los Angeles last Friday. 

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Todd Fisher and his wife Catherine Hickland visited the Westwood Village Memorial Park, on Thursday after the deaths of his sister Carrie and mother Debbie Reynolds

He shared an artist's sketch of swimwear manufacturer the duo, dressed in the costumes of their most iconic film roles, and told fans warmly how their love was 'everlasting'.

'This is a beautiful love story to witness in my 58 years. I miss them both so much,' he added. 

Fisher had not left any instructions for her family with regards to a funeral.

However, her mother had planned hers meticulously, Todd said, and intended to be buried in a large plot owned by the family.

He revealed that his mother's last words were that she wanted to be 'with Carrie'. .

He later told journalists that his sister's sudden and unexpected death was 'too much' for the 84-year-old.